Transforming your Asset Data to Dollar Insights

KeepFlying® is backed by Singapore based CBMM Supply Services and Solutions Pte Ltd., Heavy Mobile Assets are our DNA and KeepFlying® is the first AI and Digital Venture of the group to protect the interests and values of Aircraft and Engines as they transact and move across jurisdictions.

Advanced AI & Data Analytics firm born out of CBMM's vision of

helping Heavy mobile Asset Owners protect the value and integrity of capital that move between owners, across borders

KeepFlying® ascertains financial and risk forecasts in a post pandemic era where creditworthiness and legal hassles can consequentially present pitfalls when repossessing an Aircraft or Engine in case of an Event of Default.

We combine the expertise of AI & Deep Tech professionals who are committed towards dealing with the extremes of large streams of unstructured, scanned data that accompany assets and advanced sensor data that transmit every second from an Aircraft or Engine, with Finance and Risk professionals who focus on protecting the Residual Values of Assets as they move between lessees, across borders.

Our Leadership Team

Sriram P Haran
Chief Executive Officer
Poorany Krishnaswamy
Chief Finance Officer
Sudarsan Lakshmikumar
Chief Technology Officer
Chandrasekhar Jayaramakrishnan
Chief Growth Officer
Kevin Cadd
Head of Product & Solutions
John Maggiore
Advisory Board
Baba Sam
Advisory Board
Dr. Vijay Krishna Menon
Principal Data Scientist

Your runway to take-off!

Engineers and Statisticians. Designers and number crunchers. Anything is possible at KeepFlying® when it comes to solving Aviation's biggest problems. Take-off with us to put your varied skills to use.