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February 27, 2023

Why KeepFlying®

KeepFlying® is an Aviation DSaaS (Data Science as a Service) platform which will serve Airlines, Lessors, Financiers & OEMs simulate revenue potential of their assets using financial and risk models. KeepFlying® will bridge the gap between Technical & Engineering data with that of Finance & Risk data to help value assets and their expected revenue potentials over their remaining useful lives.
• Fast growing and well-funded start up
• Standout Product – Be a part of first of its kind solution offered in the Aviation Industry.
• Learning – You will learn from a group of proven leaders and innovators.
• Flexibility - Our engineers enjoy the utmost flexibility as we believe in judging by the output and not by the hours worked.
• Innovative mind-set - Our ecosystem gives an ample opportunity to showcase your enterprising &innovative ideas, knowledge and skills that directly contribute to the success of our company.
We are backed by Marquee Investors and Industry Experts. Join us on our data to dollar journey with a kickass and fun team.

Job Description

KeepFlying® is embarking on developing a Financial Twin, applicable to the valuation of financial assets, as commonly applicable in the asset financing, re-financing, leasing industry. The finance SME would collaborate closely with the business leadership, industry domain leads, data scientists and development leads in strategizing and developing the product. The product is aimed at providing a direct overview of their financial assets (Aircraft, Engines, Components) that they’ve financed /leased out, and to have updated valuation of their books vis-à-vis the default risks & other associated risks, at an individual asset level and overall portfolio level.


  • Lead the financial modelling stream for the product development, bringing in the experience and domain knowledge covered in the ‘Experience & Qualifications’ section
  • Work closely with business leadership &industry domain experts to strategize MVP and market roll-out approach for the financial module, and accordingly prioritize / sequence product development
  • Own and lead the financial core module covering aspects of domain expertise, product development, requirements management, functionality development, product testing, business verification, delivery & launch, etc
  • Work closely with clients in understanding their expectations from the product for the financial module, and translating their expectations into implementable requirements
  • Prepare and own the product roadmap for the financial module, in line with the firm’s strategy and the industry developments
  • (In an iterative model) Present the product features to clients to solicit feedback / inputs, to be incorporated into the product
  • Collaborate closely with the data science leads in performing/driving data driven analysis, and translating mathematical models(of the financial module) into implementable core back-end business logic
  • Work closely with the IT delivery lead and developers in translating the business requirements and core logic into product functionalities
  • Work closely with the internal stakeholders and clients in leading the UAT cycles, for business verification of product
  • Lead the product launch/business integration to clients focusing on the functionalities of the financial module
  • Post launch support to the clients with core business / financial domain content queries; and work closely with internal stakeholders in fixing / resolving the observations


  • Hands-on, deep knowledge in financial modelling covering topics of asset valuation, portfolio risk assessment, default forecasting, cost-benefit analysis, investment break-even analysis, revenue& cost analysis, regulatory & compliance ecosystem, etc
  • Deep understanding of working of capital markets, fund raising, investment opportunities, project financing considerations, and different avenues of fund raising
  • Hands-on exposure to different asset classes like equity, debt, derivatives (across different underlying like equities, interest rates, currencies, commodities etc), ABS, MBS, structured products, etc
  • Experience in (comparative) financial statement analysis with understanding of applying financial ratios – for assessment of financial strength of companies
  • Understanding of firm capital structure, asset pricing, long-term financing, valuation, etc
  • Overall risk management analysis across different types of risks, and influence to different risk modelling approach
  • Good understanding of macroeconomics and microeconomics concepts & macro-factors affecting and applicable to asset valuation and capital markets
  • Hands-on exposure and experience to mathematical financial modelling covering probability theories, stochastic processes, empirical density functions, financial statistics, etc. Good understanding of data structures, data    models and data analysis using tools like R, Python, MS Excel
  • Good understanding of the application of technology / IT to finance, and understanding of the FinTech ecosystem
  • Qualifications: MSc Finance/ Financial Engineering, PhD-Finance, MBA-Finance (with hands-on experience), CFA (with hands-on experience), FRM (with hands-on experience)

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