Standardizing Techinical & Airworthiness Data Exchange

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The Challenge

Standardizing technical and airworthiness data exchange is tough. It is tougher to validate underlying data integrity when most files are scanned PDFs.

Data exchange in scanned PDF formats with varying levels of OCR extraction accuracies

Not all software solutions are capable of consuming and generating Spec2500 formats

Fragmented data sources across systems, across formats a barrier to enter the Spec2500 ecosphere

The Opportunity

Moving away from physical and scanned copies, ability to generate data in XML and JSON formats helps gain efficiencies, consistencies, competitiveness and enables eventual blockchain readiness.

The Journey

Weeks to revolutionize Data Integrity and exchange standards between Airlines, Lessors, MROs.


Stage 1

Setup Data Wrangling layers and Asset pipelines for your Aircraft / Engine type

Stage 2

Review wrangled data with enhanced data integrity for exchange-readiness.

Stage 3

Configure SpXchange layers to establish data exchange channels.

Stage 4

You are Spec2500 compliant. And by the way, get a free trial of the FinTwin® against your Assets / MRO facilities.