Comprehensive data extraction from diverse sources

Much like sourcing the best jet fuel, we extract high-quality data from a myriad of diverse sources, ensuring your business engine runs smoothly.

Thorough data profiling and classification

Like checking the vitals of an aircraft pre-flight, we meticulously profile and classify your data to ensure its health and readiness for analysis.

Rigorous data cleaning and unification

Just as an aircraft requires consistent maintenance for optimal performance, we clean and unify your data to maintain its integrity, preventing inaccuracies or anomalies from derailing your data-driven initiatives.

Transformation into machine-readable formats

Like decoding air traffic control signals, we transform your data into a format that AI and ML models can easily interpret and use, ensuring seamless data operations and insights.

Why Us?

With our robust and integrated solutions, we enhance the credibility of your data while reducing pain points and overhead costs associated with data handling. Empower your business with efficient and reliable data management, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Aviation-specific LLMs, semantics, and heuristics

Streamlined data collection and pipeline process

Reduction of pain points and overhead costs in data handling


Navigating the intricate pathways of big data can seem overwhelming. At KeepFlying®, we offer comprehensive, end-to-end data solutions that guide your journey from the initial extraction to the final actionable insights.Our full-spectrum approach ensures each aspect of your data is handled with precision and care, resulting in trustworthy and robust insights to power your business. Here's how we guide your journey:

Data Extraction

We begin by mining relevant and valuable data from various sources, laying the groundwork for your data journey.

Data Profiling

We meticulously examine your data, studying its structure, relationships, and overall quality to ensure it's fit for the tasks ahead.

Data Classification

We organize your data into meaningful categories, which aids in better management and analysis.

Data Cleaning & Unification

We rigorously cleanse your data, removing inaccuracies and discrepancies, and unify it into a consistent format for accurate and reliable insights.

Data Wrangling

We manage the entire process of transforming raw data into a form that can be used for advanced analytics and insight generation.

Our Trusted Partner Ecosystem

Featuring a robust ecosystem of cutting-edge tools and strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Databricks, Microsoft, SAP, and others. Experience unparalleled data management excellence as we streamline your processes and drive innovation for your business.

Keepflying is actively cultivating a network of service partners who possess specialized knowledge in data management. These esteemed partners are proficient in crafting customized solutions using Keepflying's platform and are equipped to collaborate with customer teams effectively. Should you wish to join forces with us as a partner and play a pivotal role in ensuring the triumph of Keepflying-based implementation and migration projects, kindly reach out to us!

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