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Seamless Aircraft Redeliveries & Residual Value Forecasting

Visualize commercial impact of Aircraft trade decisions by processing unstructured data to arrive at accurate Residual Values nose to tail. Predict commercial impact on redeliveries based on scanning redelivery binder records forecasted to the point of redelivery - calculate costs of redelivery and penalties driven by violations across scenarios. 

Residual Value Scenarios
Reserves & Cost Forecasts
Redelivery Scenario Simulations
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You will have your very own Digital FinTwin® mirroring your Aircrafts and Maintenance facilities on our cutting-edge platform between 8 and 12 weeks from commencing a data implementation exercise.

KeepFlying® has specialized staff for delivering our services. Each customer will have their own dedicated implementation manager. They handle the entire lifecycle of the implementation from data profiling, data preparation & quality control to tailoring the models towards your specific needs.

Data Profiling &

1 - 2 Weeks


2 - 4 Weeks

Model Tuning & 

1 - 2 Weeks

Evaluation &
User Training

2 Weeks

Acceptance & Release

2 Weeks
H2 2023 Release.
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