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Capacity & Work Scope Forecasting

Engine MROs will now be operating in a post pandemic environment where disruptions will be regular occurrences, Engine Build Goals will be reduced as Operators and Lessors focus on cash conservation for the short to medium term.

AI Driven Capacity Planning
Work Scope & TAT Risk Profiling
Shop Visit Profitability Forecasting
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You will have your very own Digital FinTwin® mirroring your Engines and Maintenance facilities on our cutting-edge platform between 8 and 12 weeks from commencing a data implementation exercise.

KeepFlying® has specialized staff for delivering our services. Each customer will have their own dedicated implementation manager. They handle the entire lifecycle of the implementation from data profiling, data preparation & quality control to tailoring the models towards your specific needs.

Data Profiling &

1 - 2 Weeks


2 - 4 Weeks

Model Tuning & 

1 - 2 Weeks

Evaluation &
User Training

2 Weeks

Acceptance & Release

2 Weeks


Harness the power of Data Science to maximise profits and minimise TAT of Engine Shop Visits
AI Driven Capacity Planning
Experience the accuracy of custom Machine Learning models that help balance fluctuating demand forecasts with capacity.
Work Scope & TAT Risk Profiling
Fuse historic shop visit data with dynamic visit feeds to predict upgrades in work scopes, highlight risks and identify critical paths that  impact TAT.
Shop Visit Profitability Forecasting
Simulate shop visit costs, risks and profitability dynamically to visualise commercial impact of decision before and during an Engine shop visit

AI Driven Capacity Planning

Simulate the demand forecast against multiple shop visits as a factor of Engine Type, Age, Work Scope, Operational Parameters to visualize the impact on profitability given the capacity within a Finite Capacity Model
Visit Data Wrangling
Apply customized ML algorithms to augment historic & dynamic data feeds for higher accuracy
Engine Type Profiling
Configure Engine type Data models (IAE V2500, RR Trent 700, GEnx) based on Engine Profiles & Work Scope Levels

Work Scope & TAT Risk Profiling

Predict Work Scopes & build Engine Shop Visit profiles across slots over a time period to gauge demand and TAT risks by Routine, Non Routine, applicable SB/ADs and other work as a factor of Engine Age, Utilization, Operational parameters & environments.
Work Scope Profile
Predict Work Scope variance as part of incoming visits prior to Engine arrival using operational, technical and environmental parameters at a module level.
TAT Risks
Simulate TAT risks as a factor of Labour, Material, Tooling & Space from Induction through to F/A Build & Testing.

Shop Visit Profitability Forecasting

Mine historic shop visit data, map to Engine & Module profiles and work scopes to help increase accuracy of cost forecasts. Tie contract parameters to forecast invoiceable dollars against costs to simulate profitability before and during a shop visit, dynamically.
Mine Cost Data
Use pre-configured smart models to map cost data against Shop Visit elements by Routine, Non Routine, SB/AD and other work across Engine & Module profiles by Age, Utilization, Operational and Technical parameters.
Simulate Profitability
Simulate the impact of TAT delays, Overtime rosters, Material & Vendor management before and during a shop visit on overall shop visit profitability by linking contract terms and conditions against discrete optimization models.

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